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OceanDocs is supported by the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) specifically to collect, preserve and facilitate access to all research output from members of their Ocean Data and Information Networks (ODINS). It is one of a number of complementary thematic digital marine and aquatic repositories including the Aquatic Commons, which is supported by the International Association of Aquatic and Marine Science Libraries and Information Centers (IAMSLIC).



Recent Submissions
Title - Citation - Author(s) Type
Les gastéropodes aquatiques associés aux plantes flottantes.
Journal Ivoirien d'Océanologie et de Limnologie, 1 (2), p. 139-151
Journal Contribution
Viabilidad Técnica del Sistema de Identificación Automática Aton en el Monitoreo Remoto de la Linterna Marina del Faro “Gran Almirante Grau”Theses and Dissertations
Catalogue des ennemis naturels des macrophytes flottants Pistia stratiotes, Salvinia molesta et Eichhornia crassipes
Journal Ivoirien d'Océanologie et de Limnologie, 1 (2), p. 125-130
Journal Contribution
Estado actual de las carpas chinas en la acuicultura cubana.Preprint
Implementación de la Norma internacional ISO 9001:2008 en las Ayudas a la Navegación MarítimaTheses and Dissertations